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Mrs. Parker's Classroom
Invention Research Project
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Invention Research

Research an Inventor/Invention.


Main Focus of Your Project

Topics to Research and Include in Your Project:
When you write your report, try to answer as many of the following questions as you can:

  • What the invention does: Clearly explain what the invention does and how it can be used. Is it used for communication, transportation, fun, food, medicine, science, or something else?
  • When was it invented: Give the date of the invention, and the date of the patent (if appropriate).
  • Who invented it: Who was the inventor? When did this inventor live, how was this inventor educated, where did he/she live? If you can find out, tell why the inventor wanted to invent the invention. Did this inventor invent other things?
  • What other inventions led up to this invention: Describe the earlier inventions that led to this invention. For example, the electric arc light preceded and led to the invention of the incandescent light.

The importance of the invention: Explain why the invention is important. Has it saved lives, helped transportation, simplified communication, increased the food supply, or is it simply fun? Has it been improved upon since it was invented? Did it lead to other inventions?

What should be included:

Inventor’s name

Date of birth and death

Biography of life

What did he/she invent?

Why did he/she invent it or how did he/she discover it?

How did it affect our world/society/environment?

Visual- neatness






Timeline and Due Dates:

Thursday, January 25               Research assignment given to students

Wednesday, January 31   Invention Paragraph- One paragraph stating which invention you are researching and two facts about the invention and inventor.

Friday, February 2             Final Research Project due


Remember these important elements of good note taking:



Rewrite all facts in your own words. This will assure that you truly understand the material and will also make the writing much easier.

Always seek multiple sources (ex. encyclopedia, nonfiction books, and Internet resources).Try not to rely on any one source.

Also search for visual material - maps, illustrations, present day photos - to include in your Research.


Suggested Websites:


America’s Story


Kid Info


Inventors and Inventions Theme Page


Just Curious-Technology



















Disorganized, no information on what is to come

Gives too little information.

Summarizes report

Concise, well-written introduction


Research Project (Inventor/Invention)

Does not cover all appropriate topics

Covers some of the appropriate topics.

Covers most of the appropriate topics.

All appropriate topics covered well. Also includes interesting facts.



Many spelling and grammatical errors

A few errors

Only one or two errors

Spelling and grammar perfect



Illegible, messy

Almost illegible

Legible writing, accompanying illustrations

Well organized presentation, typed or written with accompanying illustrations



Over a week late

A week late

A day or two late

Handed in on time