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Mrs. Parker's Classroom
Ancient Roman Emperor Research Project
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Ancient Roman Emperor Research

Research an Emperor from the Roman Empire.


Main Focus of Your Project

        What made this chosen emperor significant to the Roman Empire?

        What are the key dates and events involving this emperor?

        Why is this emperor important in world history today?


Timeline and Due Dates:

Wednesday, January 31   Emperor Paragraph- One paragraph stating which emperor you are researching, era in which he ruled, and two facts about his reign as emperor.


Friday, February 2             Note-Taking Guide (Questions should be answered and turned in) These will be returned to you!


Monday, February 5           Final Research Project due


Remember these important elements of good note taking:


Rewrite all facts in your own words. This will assure that you truly understand the material and will also make the writing much easier.

Always seek multiple sources (ex. encyclopedia, nonfiction books, and Internet resources).Try not to rely on any one source.

Also search for visual material - maps, illustrations, present day photos - to include in your Research.


Suggested Websites:


Daily Life in Ancient Rome


The Roman’s Page


Welcome to the Roman Empire


Factual Information about Ancient Rome


Note-Taking Guide for

Roman Emperor Research Project


Name of Emperor_________________________________


Dates he lived:  Born _______________  Died ________________


Dates he ruled:  From _______________  Until _________________


You must thoroughly answer these questions with complete sentences.  Refer to the emperor by his name.


  1. How did the emperor become emperor?



  1. List the enemies that the Roman Empire had during the emperor’s reign.




  1. List three important events that occurred during the emperor’s reign.






  1. What did the emperor do that was beneficial for the people of Rome?  (Be sure to explain why each thing he did was good for the Romans)





  1. What did the emperor do that was detrimental for the people of Rome?  (Be sure to explain why each thing he did was bad for the Romans)





  1. What is the one thing for which the emperor is best known?  Why do you think he is best known for this?




  1. How did the emperor end his rule of the empire?  If he died, how did he die?



  1. Overall, was the emperor good for Rome or bad for Rome?  Why?  Write a paragraph that gives three reasons and explanation telling why he was good or bad for Rome.  (Use the back of this page if necessary)

The Following is a Rubric For Assessing each Part of Your Research Report:








Disorganized, no information on what is to come

Gives too little information.

Summarizes report

Concise, well-written introduction


Research Project (Roman Emperor)

Does not cover all appropriate topics

Covers some of the appropriate topics.

Covers most of the appropriate topics.

All appropriate topics covered well. Also includes interesting facts.



Many spelling and grammatical errors

A few errors

Only one or two errors

Spelling and grammar perfect



Illegible, messy

Almost illegible

Legible writing, accompanying illustrations

Well organized presentation, typed or written with accompanying illustrations



Over a week late

A week late

A day or two late

Handed in on time



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